Tutorial: Gamma

New! Predy v6 “Gamma”

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Click “Gamma” on the menu bar, then you come to this page.

Connect your wallet from the right corner. after connecting your wallet, you can create your position immeadetly without any Vault.

We’re offering three Prodcuts here.

  1. Low Risk : x3 Leveraged, Auto Hedge and Auto Close

  2. High APR : x6 Leveraged, Auto Hedge and Auto Close

  3. Super APR : x12 Leveraged and Auto Close

Order Position

Let’s try the Low Risk here.

from above...

Auto Close: set the duration of the position from 1 hour to 72 hours.

Auto Delta Hedge: set ‘ in which time’ and ‘how much moving’ to be auto-hedged.

Amount: choose the amount.

④ Create Position: Click!!


How to see the Graph

Red lines: the prices that the position will be closed (Loss cut)

White lines: the range you set for Auto Delta Hedge. when the price gets out of the white lines, this strategy will be auto-hedged.

Manage Position

you can see your Position data on “ My Positions”, from More Detail, can see also more detailed settings and change the amount.

Predy v6 is still a hyper beta version yet, We’d love to hear any feedback from you! Please post on our Discord!!


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