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Intent-base Dex for Perp & Gamma. No Gas, Fully onchain deployed and No Virtual Position

The Ultimate Goal of DeFi Derivative

Predy is a mechanism that allows efficient on-chain trading of delta and gamma. It enables perpetual futures and Squart (to be explained later) trading for all pairs that exist on Uniswap. There is no need to specifically provide liquidity for perps and options; having a Uniswap pool is sufficient.

Predy consists of a lending pool called PredyPool and market contracts such as PerpMarket and GammaMarket. By creating new market contracts, new exchanges can be defined. The lending pool, being a place where funds are concentrated, is a highly targeted spot, and it is impractical to redevelop the lending pool repeatedly. Therefore, the design allows for defining orders and products by adding new market contracts without making changes to the lending pool.

Squart (Square Root of Perpetual) is a perpetual future that tracks the square root of the price. Unlike standard options or perpetual options, Squart does not have a strike price. However, similar to options, it carries gamma exposure. This feature helps address the issue of liquidity fragmentation in gamma trading. Additionally, Squart is fully backed by the LP positions in Uniswap V3 Pools.

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