Predy Protocol

Scalable Smart Contracts for Derivatives

Predy is an innovative on-chain exchange that facilitates gas-less trading of perpetual futures and gamma trades. Our platform offers a seamless and efficient trading experience, leveraging advanced financial engineering and smart contract capabilities to deliver unique features and benefits. Designed with developers in mind, Predy provides robust tools and APIs for creating and managing decentralized financial products with ease.

Key Features

  1. Gas-less Trading: Predy eliminates the need for gas fees, allowing users to trade perpetual futures and gamma options without the burden of additional transaction costs.

  2. Perpetual Futures: Our platform supports perpetual futures trading, enabling users to speculate on the price of assets without expiration dates. This allows for continuous and flexible trading strategies.

  3. Gamma Trades: Predy offers specialized tools for gamma trading, enabling advanced traders to gain options-like exposure and manage their risk more effectively.

Innovative Concepts

  1. Squart (Square Root of Perpetual): We introduce the concept of square root perpetual, an advanced financial product designed to enhance trading strategies and risk management. This innovative approach redefines the mechanisms and trading methods of perpetual futures. Unlike standard options or perpetual options, Squart does not have a strike price. However, similar to options, it carries gamma exposure. This feature helps address the issue of liquidity fragmentation in gamma trading

  2. Portfolio Margin Vault: Predy features a sophisticated portfolio margin vault system that optimizes collateral management. This system allows traders to efficiently use their assets as collateral, reducing the capital required for trading and enhancing overall liquidity.

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