Welcome to Predy v5 <- v3.2!

Introducing Predy V3.2, now available on the Arbitrum chain, featuring our innovative product, "Squart."

Squart is a unique perpetual with DeFi native gamma derived from Uniswap LP positions. Long Squart positions receive a premium based on Uniswap's trading fees in exchange for negative gamma, while short positions pay premiums for positive gamma.

Predy V3.2 allows traders to utilize portfolio margin for Squart and ETH perpetual trading while simplifying the creation of delta-neutral and leveraged LP positions. Rest assured, LP positions will always remain in-range!

Squart addresses the liquidity fragmentation issue commonly found in perpetual options by eliminating strikes. This ensures positions consistently possess gamma, similar to at-the-money options.

Predy v3.2 is applicable to all existing Uniswap Pools, and Predy v5 is the embodiment of this. We've expanded the number of currency pairs and also made the lending pool required for leverage public.

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